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The forefront of Voice Interaction

Talkamatic invested over 10 years with 1000’s of hours on studies and software system development in the Dialogue Management domain.
This has brought the company to a unique position: being able to offer application developpers a most effective building methodology and Dialogue Management Engine for voice interaction of their existing application.  Visit our next sites under “Commercial Offer”, “Technology” and “Papers” to explore our offering.

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Voice activation is starting to become “hot”; the hurdle is disappearing.
Dialogue management solutions based on low level scripting of endlessly complex dialogue flows is offered by quite some players. At massive costs.  It takes true Dialogue Management Intelligence to avoid a taskforce with 100’s of developers –  and to accomplish a far better end-user result.
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Latest news

New CTO for Talkamatic to Prepare Worldwide Launch

As part of the ongoing work towards the Talkamatic off-the-shelf Application development kit for Dialogue Management, Talkamatic is extremely proud to be able to announce that Mr. Per Gustafson Fägersten has decided to join the team as the company’s new