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We make learning natural and fun

We make EdTech software for reading comprehension and second-language learning. Our solutions are based on how humans interact and learn in real life.

We combine education and conversational AI research with user focused design. Our technology makes conversational AI more human.

Our products

Our unique tools for children’s reading comprehension and immigrants’ language learning:



  • Allows practising real life scenarios in a controlled environment for students with beginner Swedish skills
  • The first spoken interaction tool for SFI in Sweden
  • Curriculum co-designed with SFI teachers and students
  • Loved by schools, teachers and students


  • Engages students in a dialogue to accelerate reading comprehension
  • Built on reading comprehension research
  • Selected for IVA100, the 100 most innovative projects by Kungliga Ingenjörsvetenskapsakademin
  • Loved by pupils and teachers.

Läskompisen engages pupils to keep reading and really take an interest in the books.

Primary school teacher

Språkkompisen helps us practise real dialogue in the classroom and there are no other tools for that – and the students love it.

Language teacher, Swedish For Immigrants (SFI) School

Our technology

Our core technology, the Talkamatic Dialog Manager (TDM), makes it easy to add controllable interactive spoken dialog to applications within any verticals.

TDM is an end-to-end SaaS developed over several years and now integrated with Large Language Models (LLMs) like GPT.

Adding controll and trust to GPT

TDM manages the dialog with the user. TDM controls when and if an LLM like GPT is used in a spoken dialog.

This offers the added benefit of trust and control compared to using GPT directly or through a simple “audio layer”, while still benefitting from the flexibility of GPT.

Spoken dialog software is ready

The technology to enable spoken dialog SaaS is ready to make spoken dialog the natural interface in software applications.

We believe that spoken dialog will be the standard way of interacting withcontent in a wide range of applications because it is natural, flexible and inherently engaging.

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